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Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Pinterest Monthly Viewers
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The Pinterest marketing world has become plagued with posts like “how I grew my Pinterest monthly viewers to *insert massive number here*”. Although this figure is often impressive, does it really mean anything?

The short answer is no. I can understand the appeal because for most of us, big numbers make us feel important. Especially with that number appearing on your Pinterest profile, it’s on show for everyone to see and awe at.

It would sound amazing if I told you that I had 10M monthly viewers on Pinterest. Sadly, it does not correlate with website traffic, sales, or email list subscribers. If it did, I’d be rich.

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What Does The Monthly Viewers Figure Actually Mean?

The monthly viewer’s figure is calculated on the number of people who have seen your pins that you have posted, as well as your re-pins. This does not necessarily mean that the viewer has interacted, saved or clicked these pins. It is simply the number of times your pins have appeared in Pinterest’s feed.

Having a high monthly viewers number can be exciting. However, if you are not receiving traffic then the number is pretty meaningless. I’m much more concerned with the number of people who are clicking and saving my pins. I want real traffic to my website, not 10M monthly viewers.

Monthly viewers is just a vanity number.


So, What Should You Focus On Instead?

Focus on engagement, engagement, engagement. I’m talking about:

• How many saves your pins are receiving.

• How my clicks your pins are receiving.

• Your overall website traffic from Pinterest each month.

At the end of the day, if you are using Pinterest to direct traffic to a location, then always focus on that. Make sure you have Google Analytics set up on your website so you can analyse how much traffic you are receiving from Pinterest.  

Pinterest analytics is also your friend if you want to check out how many saves your pins are receiving. You can filter to look at your most saved pins. This is important because you can try to replicate the same results by looking at the pin design, title, description, and topic. Reconstruct what you did well with those most saved pins and apply it to new pins in the future.

If your most saved pin is for a blog you wrote on burger recipes, then create some new pins for that same blog. This will increase your chances of generating traffic.

If you want to improve your website traffic from Pinterest, then get my Big Pin Energy guide. This will teach you how to get real clicks using Pinterest.

In all honesty, I wish Pinterest would remove the display of monthly viewers on profiles. By doing so, so-called “Pinterest gurus” would have to share their traffic figure to gain clients and we would all be focusing on increasing our traffic more.

Your website traffic, sales, leads generated from Pinterest is much more important than the vanity number that is Pinterest monthly viewers. I encourage you to dive deep into increasing these figures.

Ignore the monthly viewers figure and go generate traffic using Pinterest!




  • Rosie

    This post is amazing. I have definitely fallen into this trap – even lately but I want the engagement and I want people to get to my site. There’s so many good tips in this post! Thank you!

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