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Using Pinterest To Boost Organic Search Traffic

Using Pinterest To Boost Organic Search Traffic
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Pinterest really is a traffic goldmine. We all know that it can gain social traffic. However, a little-known secret is that Pinterest can also help drive organic traffic too. How? Well, read on to find out!

How Does Pinterest Work To Boost Your Organic Search Traffic?

Have you ever searched a topic into Google only to be met with articles and images that link back to Pinterest? This is because Pinterest acts as a catalyst for Google search traffic.

Let’s say you have a pin based around “Halloween craft ideas” and it has a well-optimised title and description. It starts gaining thousands of saves and clicks. Chances are, it will begin to rank high within Pinterest’s searches for “Halloween craft ideas”. Because it’s ranking well within Pinterest, it could start to rank high on Google too.

I have had many of my pins rank high on Google images, which gains organic search traffic.

Using Pinterest To Gain Organic Search Traffic

Best Practising For Boosting Your Organic Search Traffic

Sadly, you cannot post a pin without a title and description and expect it to start ranking well on Google. Pinterest itself is a search engine and SEO runs throughout the platform, so it should be treated as one.

There are two main aspects of pins that you should focus on.


Pin Titles

Your pin title is what “hooks” the viewer in and will encourage them to click, save, comment on your pin. A poor title risks the chances of your pin ranking high on Google search, as well as Pinterest search.

A strong pin title is:

• Exciting

• Contains keywords

• Makes sense

• Not misleading

Be honest, which title would you rather click on?

1. 15 Pinterest Tips

2. 15 Helpful Pinterest Tips To Skyrocket Your Traffic

The 2nd title contains more keywords, is SEO friendly, and WILL perform better than the first.

Pin Descriptions

I see so many people struggling to write an effective pin description. 

Your pin description should contain:

• A question
• Title / relevant keywords
• Call to action (optional)
A solid description could mean the difference between 1,000 people seeing your pin VS 100 people seeing your pin.
Using Pinterest To Gain Organic Search Traffic

If you have knowledge on SEO then you shouldn’t find optimising your pins to be too difficult. SEO can definitely be overheating at first, but it’s necessary to learn if you want to use Pinterest successfully.

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