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Pinterest SEO – All About Keywords

Pinterest SEO - All About Keywords
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Pinterest is a social media platform, however, it works and acts much more like a search engine. SEO runs throughout Pinterest and should be taken seriously if you want to get big results.

For business owners, Pinterest provides you with a solid platform that you can use to market your content – whether that’s driving traffic, selling e-commerce products, growing your email list.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are specific words that relate to your niche. In this case, they allow the Pinterest user to find content that they are searching for. For example, I might search for “healthy breakfast recipes” and Pinterest will find me relevant results that match the keywords that I have searched for.

Think of keywords as taking your content and giving it to your target audience.


Why Should You Use Keywords On Pinterest?

You should use keywords on Pinterest because you want your content to show up in relevant searches. Like I mentioned above, Pinterest works more like a search engine than a social media platform, so if you know anything about SEO you will understand how important keywords are.

Let me put it like this: you might be using Pinterest to promote your natural skincare business. By optimising your profile and pins with keywords that relate to natural skincare, your content will appear when your audience searches for that topic.

Using keywords on Pinterest and optimising your account will not only boost social traffic, but can also boost organic traffic. Check out the blog I wrote on that.

Keywords also help Pinterest’s algorithm categorise your content and share it with users who are interesting in the topic.

Simply put, keywords help your audience and target market find your content.


Where Can Keywords Be Used On Pinterest?

Pin titles

Your pin titles should always contain 1-3 keywords. Think of your titles as hooking the users in. You want to make your titles exciting, so they encourage the users to click through to your link.

Poor title: 15 Pinterest Tips

Good title: 15 Helpful Pinterest Tips To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

I have underlined the keywords to help you identify them.

Pin descriptions

You want your pin descriptions to contain relevant keywords throughout the text. You do not want to stuff endless keywords into your descriptions, Remember, a description is meant to be descriptive.

Pin description example:

Yes, you read the title right – vegan cupcakes! From a delicious lemon cupcake recipe, to a vegan chocolate cupcake recipe. Enjoy cheat day by baking one of these 15 Mouth-Watering Vegan Cupcake Recipes.

Board titles & board descriptions

Just as important as pin titles and descriptions, don’t forget to optimise your boards too. You can use the techniques and practises I mentioned above for your boards. The more relevant keywords you include, the more searches your board will pop up in.


Finding The Best Keywords To Use On Pinterest

Finding the best keywords to might seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually pretty easy.

• Go to Pinterest’s search bar and type in a keyword that relates to your topic. For example, if you want to create a blog around “vegan burgers”, type that in.

• Under your search, you will see a string of keywords. These are the most popular keywords that relate to the topic you have typed in. You can use these keywords to include in your title and descriptions.

Pinterest SEO - All About KeywordsPinterest SEO - All About Keywords

• Collect 1-3 keywords and use them in your pin title or pin description.

Before, your title might have been “Vegan Burger Recipes”. Now that you have collected keywords, your title could transform into “The Best Homemade Vegan Burger Recipes”. Much better, right?

What Should You Avoid Doing?

Keyword stuffing

Most people who use Pinterest for marketing don’t realise that keyword stuffing is actually considered to be spam. Keyword stuffing is when you will fill your pin descriptions and board descriptions with a string of keywords.

Keyword stuffing example

Instead, you want to write in full sentences and add keywords throughout your description.

Strong, keyword rich description example

Keep it relevant

Another thing you should avoid doing is adding keywords that are not relevant to your niche. By doing this, your content is less likely to reach your target audience which will mean that you miss out on leads, customers, traffic.

So, whether you are an established Pinterest users or a beginner, don’t overlook the power of keywords. Use them to their full potential and remember to follow the best practises I have spoken about here.

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