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How To Use Pinterest Story Pins

How To Use Pinterest Story Pins
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Story Pins are another way to share your ideas, whilst gaining an extra bit of traffic. You may have noticed Story Pins popping up in your Pinterest feed, but what are they and are they even worthwhile using?

What Are Pinterest Story Pins?

Story pins are another way to share your ideas on Pinterest. They work similarly to the stories feature on Instagram and Facebook, except they don’t disappear after 24 hours. You are able to add 2-20 multiple pages of images, videos, links, so they are more creative and more in-depth compared to regular pins.


What Are The Benefits?

Due to the fact you are able to add multiple pages to Story Pins, they work really well for tutorials, detailed recipes, or even showing off outfits if you are in the fashion niche. They take describing or documenting a journey to the next level.

You are able to add your link to each of the pages, except for the front cover. This means if you are using Story Pins to show your latest e-commerce product, you could show off a whole range of products and link back to each one.


How Do You Create A Pinterest Story Pin?

It’s pretty simple to create a Story Pin.

• On Pinterest, click the red circle with the white plus sign in.
• That will drop down a menu, from that menu select “story pin”.
• Here you can add the cover of the story pin and give it a title.

How to post a story pin on Pinterest.

• Once you have added a cover, scroll down and add other images by clicking the plus sign.

How to post a story pin on Pinterest.

• Once you have added multiple images, you can then add titles, links, descriptions by clicking on this icon.
You cannot add links to the first cover image.

How to post a story pin on Pinterest.

• Once you have added your links, titles, and descriptions, scroll up and publish your story pins to the relevant boards.


My Experience With Story Pins

Still not convinced? Well, I have been trying out Story Pins over the past few weeks and have noticed that my Story Pins get saved and click a lot quicker than regular pins. My guess is that this could be due to Pinterest favouring Story Pins more, so they show them to my followers more often.

Within 24 hours of posting, one of my story pins had 39 saves and 13 link clicks. These numbers aren’t something to brag about, but they are pretty quick stats considering regular pins may take months to take off.

How to post a story pin on Pinterest.

Id love to hear your experiences with story Pins, just leave a comment down below.


Best Practices To Use

• Use your first story pin as a front cover

You want your front over to catch the viewers attention. A high-quality front over will encourage the viewer to click and view the rest of your story pins.

• 900w X 1600h px is the minimum sizing ratio

You want your Story Pins to look nice, but also fit on the viewer’s screen correctly. 900w X 1600h px is the minimum sizing ratio to use when creating your story pins.

• Repurpose pins

Unlike regular pins, with Story Pins it’s okay to repurpose older pins. This means that the older pins that you have posted, you can save them and reupload them as Story Pins.

• Add relevant titles

Always keep titles relevant to the image you are showing or to the location you are linking back to. Just like with regular pins, writing strong titles will help you rank higher in Pinterest’s search.

• Detail, detail, detail

You have 2-20 pages to utilise, so there is no reason to skim over any information. Use those pages to their full potential!

• Minimum of 5 pages works best

According to Pinterest themselves, using a minimum of 5 pages works best when using Story Pins, so remember that.

So, why don’t you give Story Pins a try? I’m enjoying using them and will continue to as long as they keep bringing me traffic. To skyrocket your Pinterest traffic further, go pick up my Big Pin Energy guide.