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4 Useful Pinterest Marketing Tips To Beat The New Algorithm

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Low traffic, lack of saves, and little impressions on your pins? If this sounds like you, chances are you have been burnt by the new Pinterest algorithm changes. Don’t panic though because I have 4 Useful Pinterest Marketing Tips To Beat The New Algorithm to help you get back on track.

Just like every social media platform, Pinterest is always changing. During the past few months, mass amounts of bloggers and Pinterest marketers have reported that their accounts have taken a huge hit. Traffic is down, pins aren’t gaining saves, and it feels like their account has come to a standstill.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. I’m here today to help you and give you new and improved tips so you can generate even more traffic than ever.


1. Fresh Pins Are Key

Creating fresh pins seems obvious, but there’s a bit more to it. You see, Pinterest’s algorithm now favours new and fresh pins over re-pinning existing pins. Re-pinning the same pins over and over again is no longer a sufficient way to generate traffic and will only hurt your account. The best things you can do is create and post 20-40 new pins every day. Once you have posted those pins to their relevant board, leave them and let them be. DO NOT re-pin them to the same board further down the line.

Don’t get things twisted, you still need to re-pin pins from other users, but cut down on the amount you’re saving. Even as little as saving 2 pins a day from other users will keep your account healthy and keep your traffic focused on your website, which is what you want!


• Post new and fresh pins daily – preferably 20-40 pins.

• Do not re-pinning existing pins over and over again.

• Limit how many pins you are saving from other users – no more than 5 a day.


2. Try Out Video Pins

It seems like Pinterest’s new algorithm is pushing video pins over regular image pins. I will be totally honest, at the time of writing this blog I have not recently tested video pins. However, I have seen many bloggers mention the fact that their video pins are generated much more traffic than their image pins, like double the amount.

I know what some of you might be thinking “I’ve only just got the hang of creating image pins and now I have to learn how to create video pins?!”

Sadly, yes…Well, not so “sadly” because creating video pins isn’t as difficult as it may seem. You can use Canva to create simple video pin animations, by clicking the animation tab and choosing from the animation option you desire.

4 Useful Pinterest Marketing Tips To Beat The New Algorithm

Now whilst video pins are great and you should use them, don’t neglect posting classic image pins. Image pins are great and will still generate traffic. I’d recommend experimenting with posting both video and image pins to figure out what works best for you and what is a good balance. 


• Try posting video pins more often.

• Don’t stop posting image pins altogether – a healthy mix of video and image pins is fine.


3. Follow Trends

It’s no surprise that following trends is a simple and quick way to generate traffic. If your audience is already searching for a topic, then it shows that there is a market for it. All you have to do is create content around that5 trending topic and give it to them.

A great thing about Pinterest is that they give you resources and tools to be able to find what topics are trending and most popular. This is super beneficial because it means you can create content that you KNOW will gain attention.

So, what is the best way to find and follow trends on Pinterest?

Go check out This amazing tool helps you analyse keywords to figure out what topics are gaining a lot of clicks right now, similar to Google Keyword Search. Not only that, but you’re able to see a breakdown of the weekly top Pinterest trends for different niches.

I’m always using Pinterest Trends to gain new content ideas. It’s useful, can gain traffic and make you money!


• Follow trends on Pinterest as a quick and simple way to gain traffic.

• Use to research trending topics.


4. The Importance Of Pin Design

Designing high-quality pins that look aesthetically pleasing really is such an important part of Pinterest marketing. You not only want your pins to catch the viewers eyes but also encourage them to engage, and a well-designed pin does just that! A poor looking pin can lead to fewer clicks, saves, and overall less engagement.

So, what are some of the best pin design practises?

• Desing pins in the ratio 600w X 1200h px.

• Keep the use of fonts to a minimum – 1-3 fonts max.

• Make sure your fonts are clear and easy to read.

• When using images, make sure they’re of a high-quality – blurry images are a no go!

You’ve got to think like your target audience. Look at your pins and seriously ask yourself “would I want to save this pin?” “would I want to click on this pin?” “would this pin catch my eye?”. If the answers are no, then you need to improve your pin design. 

If you are struggling to create pins, then I’d recommend investing in some pin templates. Pin templates are great because they help you keep consistent branding throughout your designs, help you create new and fresh pins quickly, and overall just help to make your life easier. You can check out my pin templates here for just $27 –> 20 Click-Worthy Canva Pin Templates.


• Try to improve your pin design to boost your engagement.

• Follow my best pin design practises to assist you in creating pins.

Invest in some pin templates to help make the design process simpler.

Pinterest marketing can often be frustrating, especially when it seems like your traffic has dipped and pins aren’t taking off like they use to. However, giving up is not the answer and often changing your techniques will benefit you massively.

Hopefully, my list of 4 Useful Pinterest Marketing Tips To Beat The New Algorithm will help you get your Pinterest game back on track! To learn more about harnessing Pinterest to drive traffic and increase sales, pick up my Pinterest eBook Big Pin Energy today.